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Want to shop early? Join the Weecycled Crew!!!

Sign up for a 3 hour shift to come to a special pre-sale before the general public! Want to shop even earlier? Sign up for multiple shifts to be a 6-hour or 9-hour Crew Member!

You can bring your husband and young children ONLY to the pre-sale, but not to your shift. If you do not show for your shift, you will not be able to be on our crew again in the future. We count on you!

Most importantly, THANK YOU to all of our Weecycled Crew members! We really appreciate you!

What kind of Weecycled Crew member will you be?

• Work during Set Up and get a real work out. Great for dads and/or moms who are not expecting! (Technically, dads can be expecting, but you know what I meant, right?)

• Work during Take In and you'll burn some calories by walking and bending down to look through items being brought in by consignors. Socializing with other moms is a bonus as well as seeing what is coming in that you might NEED to buy during the PRE sale.

• Work once we are open and you may be a bag lady or bagger, a cashier, if you've worked with us before, or a floor helper. We will assign you a position once you arrive for your shift. A floor helper keeps the clothing off the floor and looking organized. We are constantly moving merchandise to keep it looking new and fresh and full. Being able to look at merchandise you might have missed when you shopped earlier and free water are perks of this shift! These are very social positions, so be prepared to talk with other moms and shoppers about how great our sale is.

• Work during Tear Down is another guaranteed muscle exercising time. We have to pack up all the racks and tables and load them like a puzzle into three trailers. If you want to lose a few pounds, this is the job for you! Husbands and wives with some endurance welcome.

• Sign crew members will be responsible for putting up and taking down road signs in designated areas before the sale around town. There are fewer of these positions than in the past, but they are good if you like driving and jumping out of your car 18 times, usually at night for a few hours!

A few quick tidbits before you sign up...

• Children are NOT allowed during your shift time. Please do not bring them with you. The only exception will be for children 14 and up who will stay with you and help.

• We will sign Community Service Logs for middle and high schoolers that come to help.

• It gets warm with all those people saving money, so dress lightly!

• Set Up and Tear Down crew members must wear sneakers - no flip flops!

• If you and your spouse work 3 hours (at different times, or at the same time - call it a date night!) you both get in to the 6 hour pre-sale. We know you are shopping for the same kids. This is not the case with moms, sisters, friends, etc.

• Make sure to register as a crew member if you are a first timer!

• Bring your smile! You are a reflection of Weecycled Wardrobe and we want everyone to have a fantastic shopping experience!

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