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Why consign with Weecycled Wardrobe?

• Earn 55% of the selling price of your items!
• Set your own selling price!
• It's easy! Step by step instructions. (Too busy? Use our BUSY MOM Service).
• Once you bring us your items, we do the rest!
• Nightly online viewing of sold items and earnings.
• Checks will be mailed within 84 hours!
• We handle all the advertising, bringing in shoppers who are looking for exactly what you are selling.
• Shop early at the consignor pre-sale the day before the public.
• Shop even earlier by volunteering before, during or after the sale.

8 Quick Steps to Consign

1. Click here to register as a new consignor or here to log in as a returning consignor.

2. Look over the list of what to bring (and not to bring) for consignment.

3. Enter your items, pricing  them to sell.  We recommend 30% of retail.  We have tons of 0 - 12M clothes, price low and there is a limit of 20 in each size.  Too busy to consign?  Use our Busy Mom Service!

4. Print your tags on WHITE card stock paper.

5. Hang and tag your items.  Click here for instructions.  Tip:  Mark your hangers with colored tape to make finding your items on the racks easier on pick up day.

6. Drop off at the sale location during your scheduled drop-off time.

7. Come and shop during your special pre-sale time and 50% off day at 9 am and on Dollar Dash sale on Monday, 11:00am - 1:00pm.


There is only ONE pick up day! See the sale info page for day and time. We will have your check and tax donation sheets online in your account if you clicked to donate while entering your items. It is the consignor's responsibility to find their items on the selling floor. ALL ITEMS LEFT AFTER PICK UP WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY,  WE CANNOT HOLD ITEMS.  WE HAVE TO BE OUT OF THE FACILITY BY 3PM. PLEASE leave enough time to retrieve your items during pick up time.


Help those in need, donate your unsold items to area organizations and receive a tax deduction. Last sale we donated to the  Foster Families, Social Services, Bright Beginnings, many area elementary schools for their nurse's office, Ellie's Elves, Just a Hand and more. If you know an organization that could benefit from the donations, please email us,

9. Please understand that we try our best to deter theft and to ring sales accurately, but if you are missing items after the sale ends, Weecycled will not be held responsible.
Note: There is a $8 fee to consign.

Too busy to consign? Our Busy Mom Service can do it all for you! 

Moms must have a minimum of 75 items or $350 worth of merchandise.

1. REGISTER and EMAIL us your consignor #, name and approximate number of items to consign, including any big items such as strollers, cribs, bikes, etc. MUST HAVE a minimum of 75 items or $350 worth of merchandise.

2. Drop off your clean/folded items and hangers to your assigned "professional mom helper" and she'll hang, enter, tag and drop-off your items. Don't have hangers? Bring $10 per 100 items.

3. Your BMH will have you review the prices and you can change 10 items. 

4. You'll receive 35% of your total sales AND a Consignor Pre-Sale Pass good for you, your spouse & kids under 18.

**Please note that any items dropped off that are not acceptable (out of season, stained or outdated) will be immediately donated to a local charity. 

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