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What to Bring

Children's Clothing

Sizes: newborn to teen

They must be "in-season" (Spring or Summer for Spring Sale and Fall or Winter for Fall Sale). Clothing must be in excellent condition- no stains, tears or outdated (older than 4 years) or faded clothing. WalMart or other discount store clothes are inexpensive brand new, so please don't bring more than 5 of these. Hoodies with draw strings need the drawstings removed.  (They have been recalled.)

**Please use numeric sizes unless they are teen or maternity. Junior sizes MUST be popular brands - Abercrombie, Gap, Aeropostale, Limited, Express, Old Navy, etc. NO discount or chain store brands (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, etc). Must be in excellent condition and popular styles. NO adult sizes or styles will be accepted.

Children's Shoes

Sizes: infant to teen

Must be in excellent condition and show little wear! 

Maternity Clothing

Limited to 8 items per consignor. In-season maternity only.

Books, Videos, Games, & Puzzles

Games and puzzles must be complete. Game systems must be in working order. VIDEOS MUST BE ORIGINALS. Please be sure to double check the DVD/game case for the disc before taping them closed. Please double check all books for excessive doodling or missing pages.

CD's & Tapes

Children's CDs and tapes in excellent condition and in original packaging.


Must be in excellent condition. Electronic toys requiring batteries must have new batteries. All toys must be complete and in working order. Please take a few minutes to check that all pieces are there. It is frustrating for buyers to get a game home only to find it is missing pieces. Clear packing tape is your friend. Tape all loose pieces in to ziplock bags and attach to toy. Large Little Tykes and outdoor toys are accepted. NO stuffed animals unless they do something. No free toys from restaurants. No children's jewelry.

Baby Equipment

Everything from blankets and bibs to high chairs and strollers! All baby related items except baby bath tubs per CPSC rule. Breast pump change - any breast pump marked 'single use' will not be accepted. There are a small number of pumps that are approved for multiple users.

Car Seats

Must be clean and complete. Must have manufactured date on the seat and it must be within 5 years of age or newer. No car seats involved in an accident or recalled will be accepted (our seller agreement asks this question and if you sign it, you agree to these conditions and information). Please call 800-434-9393 for recall information if you have any questions.


Children's furniture must be complete and assembled and must meet current safety standards.

Gymnastics & Dancewear

Dance shoes, leotards.

Halloween Costumes

Must be clean and in excellent condition. FALL /WINTER SALE ONLY.

Winter Coats & Jackets

Must be clean and in excellent condition. Check for working zippers and missing buttons. FALL / WINTER SALE ONLY.

Home Decor

Lamps, wall art, rugs, chairs, decor for the home.  NO electronics, appliances, dishes or bedding.  A nice throw or blanket is ok.

NOTE: These are only suggestions. If you have any questions about the acceptability of your items please email us.

Weecycled Wardrobe consignors need to check the CPSA website for any items which might have been recalled because of safety or lead level issues. We will have a current list of recalls at the store, organized by type of item and by brand if you need to double check your items. Consignors are considered to be the resellers and should take a moment to check and be sure your crib, toy or other item is not on the list.

Special sure to send in your warranty cards on any items you purchase so you will be registered with the manufacturer in case there is a recall.

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