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Consignor Tips

Mark your hangers

Using colorful duct tape or ribbon, on the body (not hook part), mark your hanger to make pick up a breeze.


Don't wait to the last minute to buy cardstock, Safety Pins, clear packing tape or Hangers.  Many local stores sell out just before a Weecycled Wardrobe sale!

Get hangers for FREE at dry cleaners and local department stores by calling ahead to see if any are available.

Clothing presentation is everything:

Run clothing through the fluff cycle in the dryer or give them a quick iron.  Un-wrinkled clothes sell much better.

Make an outfit!  Zip tie cute tops and bottoms together.  If you have matching socks or bows, attach them in a zip lock bag.  Shoppers love complete outfit!

Stuff paper into diaper bags, purses, backpacks, etc. to show their shape.

Print in the description area on the tag how many pieces are included in the set (example: 3pc Outfit, 10 pc. Toy set).

Tug Test - once on the hanger, tug to see that it will stay .  Use paper Covered Hangers or use two pieces of duct tape on the shoulder of the hanger where you can safety pin the item through the tape, item and on to the hanger.

Hang shorts, pants and skirts long ways and pin them 3" to 5" from the sides to the hanger.  Items pinned to close to the edge tend to fall off. We will not accept clothing with odors or smoke smells.

Think like a shopper! Would you buy something with pet hair, missing buttons, stains or dusty?  If you wouldn't buy it, chances are, no one else will either.  You WILL sell more if you take the time and make your items look nice.

Tax Donation Slip:

You can use our Tax Donation Slip to write off your donations.  Print your inventory AND sold list at the end of the sale, marking off those that sold to leave you with what was donated.   Donating to Local Charities is another win-win part of Weecycled.  You've already cleaned out your house, why bring them back home?  Theses organizations are very appreciative and you are helping those less fortunate in our community!  

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